time really does change , everything.
a few months ago i was a complete different person. i had different things on my mind. i had different goals. i had different likes and different dislikes.
fast forward and here i am.
my mind is still undecisive but my heart ,reluctantly , is falling deeper and deeper under this spell of disillusion.
but i honestly couldn't welcome it more.
even there it frightens me.
im ready.



I can go deep.
I’ll seep like warm molasses drenched all over your sheets.
You . Would not know. What to do with me.

Ill purr in your ear.
Lick the rim of your lips.
In bed
Ill show you why you choose me instead.
You. Would not know. What to do with me.

I am raw in my performance.
I’m a pro .
With my indulgence.
I refuse to be reluctant.
When perusing what I need.
Which is you.
And you.
Would not know.
What to do with me.

But I can teach you.
As I ride you.
You’re inside, but I will guide you.
Hold my hips.
Ill show you the way.

Just keep the pace.
Just try to stay .
Will learn.
What to do with me.



"My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph."
~Richard Avedon


Rabbit Holes

i opened a watch , took out the hands put in my own two legs and ran ...away with time -- away from time... till time rewinds ....again ...